December 5, 2009

Chasing The Dream

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GEwIZ –  Chasing The Dream
GEwIZ is a collaboration between g-oh and Izzy AHA – sung/guitar by Izzy AHA
contact gewiz (at) for more info

On a rainy, muggy, New York City summer afternoon in August 2009 I was willingly abducted onto the spaceship of my dear friend and filmmaker g-oh. There, in a whirlwind six hour session, interrupted by a walk on the Highline and lunch at the Silly Diner, we wrote the following ten songs. Presented here in demo form, complete in their incompletion, with flubbed lines and sketchy arrangements, are the songs that will become ‘Gewiz! Chasing the Dream’…or some such…

Travel with me, full of wonder with guitar and notebook in hand.
Come to the twentieth floor, in a labyrinthine living space, where two pioneers, G-oh and Izzy AHA, reach beyond the parameters of pop music, searching for poetic moments beyond the usual, that reflect who they are, who you are, who we are…” – Izzy AHA

Chasing The Dream

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