March 8, 2008


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g-OH, a young soul in an aging body, is influenced by pop music of 1950’s and the early 1960’s (pre-Beatles). g-OH had a musical awakening at 13 by discovering jazz including Lord Buckly, Mose Allison, Miles Davis, John Coltraine, Louis Armstrong, Thelonias Monk and many others. In later life he finds himself exploring sound paintings and portraits, randomness, language, playing with words, silence and musical conversations and avant guard exprimental music and is excited by our experimental theater/film/music project called MilaRAPPA

geo geller & Issa
GEwIZ is g-OH with Izzy AHA, a collaborative exploration in search of those moments beyond the usual.

Izzy AHA, so called by his one friend, was surounded by music from an early age. Izzy follows in his late father’s footsteps as a songwriter and musician and his late mother’s influence as an artist provacateur. Worshipping at the church of sharps and flats, Izzy is in pursuit of the magic found in the collaborations of Leiber and Stoller, Bacharach and David, Goffin and King and Lennon and McCartney.

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